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Property from the Jean and William Appell Collection, Kinderhook, New York

The Pruyn House, circa 1766, home of Jean and William Appell, Kinderhook, New York (courtesy Jennifer Seaver Photography)

William T. and Jean C. Appell fell in love with antiques in the 1950’s. Living in New York City, they would spend their free time visiting antique dealers and museums, and attending auctions. As they moved around the northeastern part of the United States, they continued to expand and improve on their collection.

In 1966, their dream of owning an 18th century home came true when they purchased The Pruyn House in Kinderhook, New York. The 1766 Dutch house was perfect for their growing collection. In 1983, a modern addition “garden wing” was added giving Bill and Jean more room to collect. After trying a contemporary style in their new place, they decided to furnish the area in 17th, 18th and 19th century furniture.

Their antiques collection covers a span of over fifty years and shows a number of different influences. Bill and Jean developed friendly relationships with many antique dealers, including Fred Johnson of Kingston, Ross Piglet and Roderick Blackburn of Kinderhook, Max Webber of Boston, MA, and Bill Clark of Malden Bridge, NY. The dealers enjoyed coming to Kinderhook to admire the collection that Bill and Jean had put together. The Pruyn House and its contents have been featured in Antiques Magazine as well as various books and magazines on Dutch homes in the Hudson Valley.

— Written by Wendy Bopp, daughter of William T. and Jean C. Appell

In our Fine auction on March 11, 2017, Americana at Stair: 18th & 19th Century Fine and Applied Arts, we will be offering property from the Jean and William Appell Collection, Kinderhook, New York.

For inquiries regarding the items in this sale please contact us at 518-751-1000 or info@stairgalleries.com.

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