Auction catalogue
July 12, 2003 Index

To view items, click on a selection from the lot numbers below. Please note: the index is only a rough guide to finding property of interest to you. If you are having trouble locating an item, please phone the Gallery: 518-851-2544.

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To search for an item, type one or more words in the box below. If you make a mistake, hit the reset button to clear the box. Choose (from the drop down menu) "any word" or "all words". "any word" will find all matches with any word in your description. "all words" will only pull up those matches with all of the words of your description in the match.


We have taken all precautions to ensure the accuracy of this catalogue. However, errors do occur occassionally. We apologize if an error should cause you any inconvenience but we will not be held liable.

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