Where do I begin if I have property I would like to consign?
The first step is to complete the Online Consignment Form. Have photographs of your items ready to upload, along with any helpful information (i.e. description, condition, provenance).
Do you offer formal appraisals?
If you are in need of a formal appraisal, we have qualified appraisers available, by appointment only. Service fees are applicable. Please submit your formal appraisal request here >
Will one of your specialists come to see the property?
If it is determined that a large collection of property would be suited for our auction house, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to view the entire collection at your location.
I submitted pictures and information. What next?
After your consignment inquiry has been reviewed, we contact you to discuss the property we would like to offer in upcoming sales, including estimates and terms. Commission rates are based on the value of the property; the higher the value, the lower the commission rate.
Does Stair Galleries offer trucking services for consignments?
Trucking can be arranged for a large collection of property, at a nominal fee to cover expenses. We carefully pack the items and bring them directly to the gallery.
What happens after my property is delivered to Stair Galleries?
Property is received at the gallery to be inspected, catalogued, photographed and allocated for the scheduled auction.
How do I know when my items will be offered?
A Presale Notification is sent to you within one week prior to the auction.
When do I receive payment for items sold?
A Settlement Statement and proceeds check are sent to you 30 business days after the sale, subject to receipt of payment from the purchaser.
What if my item does not sell?
With our sold rate of 97% we rarely have unsold lots. However if in the instance your item fails to sell, we will contact you to discuss whether you would prefer to reoffer the item with slightly lower estimates, or if you would rather retrieve it.