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Pattern on Pattern on Pattern

The naturally inquisitive style of Jill Fairchild, led by Colefax & Fowler’s nimble country charm, allowed for English Creamware Cauliflower Tureens to sit smartly by stylish Chintz prints in the beautifully appointed Fairchild apartment in one of New York City’s most exclusive addresses, One Sutton Place. As if inspired from the pages of a botanist’s field guide, the Fairchild Collection holds a natural current that brings the outside in. When pairing Jill Fairchild’s delight in the natural world with Lady Vivien Greenock’s Mayfair mastery, the result is purely sophisticated pattern play on stylish comfort. Greenock honed her design expertise over twenty years with Colefax & Fowler, the preeminent London decorating firm. Greenock thereafter established her own studio situated on Pimlico Road, known as the Bond Street of Interior Design. Incorporating pattern on texture in layers is at once intriguing, chic and comfortable and this combination is quintessentially the Fairchild lifestyle: The speckled bird’s eggs in their nests perched by one of many optimal reading locales, deep-cushioned abundant floral seating options, flanked by twin Clare Potter porcelain potted Foxgloves. Fairchild was ahead of her time, layering Moroccan rugs atop laid Sisal prior to us all. Greenock’s eye paired with Fairchild’s naturalist sensibilities brought yet another level of elegance and charm to the already stylish Fairchild décor. Lady Greenock said it best when she said “I believe that the best residential decorating is creating an interior that appears ‘undecorated’ – a layering process, mixing various materials and objects…” One can imagine Mrs. Fairchild walking through each room, parsing out creamy flowery swatches among an already extensive worldly collection of earthy accents and fine art. Jill Fairchild achieved total sophistication in tandem with charm and comfort, and that is no small feat.

Time & Location

The Collection of Jill and John Fairchild on October 26 at 11am

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