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The Collection of Donald Baechler represents a life-long interest in the creative process and the intellectual curiosity that accompanied those endeavors. Baechler was an avid collector of images that influenced his work and figured prominently in his own creative practice. His innate interest in “accumulating” led him to acquire a large collection of fine art that is formidable in its scope and its quality. As in his own work, mixed media and collage works figure prominently in the collection, as do works by contemporaries and works by artists who were influential in Baechler’s creative development.

Donald Baechler once said in an interview that his work was ultimately about ” line, form, and balance.” This concept aptly applies to his collection as well. The works in the collection relate to these tenets, the formalist concerns that become the foundation for great art. In collecting, balance is key to creating a harmonious group of works with a point of view. Donald Baechler succeeded in creating a cohesive collection that speaks to creative enterprise and its process in a way that is both educational and market-friendly. Highlights include works by Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Albert Oehlen, George Condo, Kenny Scharf, Philip Taaffe, Ed Ruscha and Alighiero Boetti.

Friday, October 6

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Jo Olsen

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