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Property from the Collection of Wynn A. and Elizabeth F. Sayman

Dr. Wynn A. Sayman and Dr. Elizabeth F. Sayman are well respected physicians, parents, and community members, as well as English Ceramics collectors.They met at the University of Chicago, she a student and he a professor before relocating to the Berkshires where they raised a family. Both were generous physicians in their medical fields, he a surgeon who operated a surgical unit abroad in response to the Algerian War of Independence, she an advocate for women’s health and preventative cancer screening. In 1980, they began Wynn A. Sayman Antiques specializing in 18th century English Ceramics and traveled across the country to antique shows to promote the business. The name became well known in ceramics circles as a guarantee of quality and connoisseurship. We are pleased to share their private collection from their home in Richmond, MA on January 19, 2022.


Tuesday, January 4

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