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An Artist’s Life: The Collection of Henry Koehler

Tucked behind a hedge on the edge of the village of Southampton, the home and studio of  painter Henry Koehler was comfortable and welcoming, much like the artist himself. Filled with objects and treasures accumulated over a lifetime of travel and leisure pursuits, the Koehlers’ house was also home to his art studio and was filled with paintings and drawings made over a long and illustrious career. The Collection of Henry Koehler offers a large selection of works by Koehler, including sporting paintings and works on paper, images of his beloved pugs, portraits of socialites and royalty, alongside Koehler’s own collection of Old Master and 18th century English and European works on paper. Also included in the sale are furnishings, silver, porcelain, Asian and Egyptian objects,  and decorative items from his home that tell the story of Henry Koehler and how he lived and worked. Other highlights include his painting easel and travelling art kit, fox hunting accoutrements and  Koehler’s prized  Mercedes convertible.

See our Henry Koehler gallery at the Hamptons Art FairHERE


The Sporting Life: Henry Koehler in Britain

Kentucky-born painter Henry Koehler grew up around rarified equestrian circles in the South, but it wasn’t until he was a student at Yale that he developed the passion for riding and fox hunting that he would pursue for the rest of his life. His interest in equestrian field sports would become the main focus of his artistic output and the subject for which he is best-known. READ MORE

Henry Koehler: A Marvelous Life 

A short film celebrating the life of Henry Koehler VIEW HERE


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Wednesday, September 22 at 11am

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Tuesday, September 14
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