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Flourishing from the mid-19th century until approximately 1900, the Aesthetic Movement championed the principle of ‘Art for Art’s sake’ emphasizing beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship in the fine and decorative arts both here and abroad. Characterized by complex patterns, rich colors, and an exquisite attention to detail, the Aesthetic Movement was revolutionary in its aim to escape the materialism and ‘ugliness’ of the Industrial Age.

As part of our Aesthetic Movement sale, we are pleased to offer the collection of the late Barry Harwood. Harwood’s Hudson Valley home, photographed extensively and showcased in magazines, housed a honed selection of furniture and decorative arts that represent the tenets of the Aesthetic Movement in their design and quality. Harwood was  the curator of Decorative Arts at the Brooklyn Museum and the Adjunct Professor in the Master’s program of Decorative Arts in the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Museum. Other highlights in the sale include furniture from Collinson & Lock, Kimbel & Cabus, Herts Brothers and Pottier & Stymus.


Monday, September 16

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