Lots 241 - 250

Lot #241: DAVID SHAPIRO (b. 1944): UNTITLED
Mixed media collage, 29 x 23 in. (sight).

Shapiro's works are in the collections of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum (Minn.), the Kresge Art Museum (Mich.) and the Lowe Art Museum (Fla.).
Estimate: $ 300.00- $ 500.00
Sold at $1100

Lot #242: TODD MCKIE (b. 1944): "MR. TOAST"
Pulp composition en grisailles, 48 x 40 in. (sight).

McKie's work can be seen in the Fuller Craft Museum and the Worcester Art Museum.
Estimate: $ 700.00 - $ 900.00
Sold at $900

Monoprint on paper, 34 x 41 in. (sight), initialed and dated '89, and with label from Helander Gallery, NY on verso.

McKie's work can be seen at the Fuller Craft Museum and The Worcester Art Museum.
Estimate: $ 300.00 - $ 500.00
Sold at $250

Lot #244: BRIAN KAZLOV (1944 - 1991): "DUTCH MILL"
Oil on canvas, 90 1/2 x 78 in., signed, titled and dated 1989 on verso.
Estimate: $ 1000.00 - $ 1500.00
Sold at $800

Cut and painted cor-ten steel, 69 5/8 x 40 x 1/4 in., mounted on 36 in. circular base 3 in. tall.

Knoll commissioned Chermayeff to create a series of 6 sculptures for use in their showrooms The result was a series of whimsical figures, each a different shape and color. They were hydro-cut from hand drawings. They traveled the U.S. appearing at various Knoll showrooms.
Estimate: $ 1000.00 - $ 1500.00
Sold at $1500

Rusted iron sculpture, 29 x 23 x 31 in., purchased from the artist at his studio in Bath.
Estimate: $ 300.00 - $ 500.00
Sold at $450

Welded standing sculpture, cor-ten steel and industrial found metal parts, 76 x 60 in., circa 1990.

From the New York Times, Michael Brenson, "Critics' Choice": "With her exhibition at the Gruenebaum Gallery (415 West Broadway, through April 4), Susan Rodgers has established herself as one of the best steel sculptors around. She works with scraps that she finds mainly in junkyards. She lengthens or shortens, twists or bends the steel, but leaves it fundamentally unaltered. Some scraps are welded together, others left unjoined: this fluent, confident, seemingly harmonious vision is filled with absence...The work is fully rooted in the history of welded steel sculpture. There are clear signs of Gonzalez and David Smith. Rodgers's growing involvement both with defying gravity and remaining firmly on the ground brings to mind the more fully three-dimensional sculpture of Anthony Caro. But, unlike her Formalist ancestors, Rodgers takes imagery not just from the landscape, but also from religion and myth. To a sculptural tradition that has been dominated by issues of technique and form, she has a chance to add an imaginative breadth."
Estimate: $ 800.00 - $ 1200.00
Sold at $1500

4 wrought iron sculptures, from 20 to 26 in. tall.

After graduating from Vassar with a degree in philosophy, she went on to study design at Domus Academy in Milan, and metalworking at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Banks has shown her work extensively in New York and New England, including a solo exhibition at the University Gallery at U. Mass, Amherst.

In 1996, Banks installed Faces: Times Square, a permanent 166 foot sculptural fence on the traffic median between Seventh Ave. and Broadway, New York, NY, for which she won an Award for Excellence in design from the Art Commission of New York City. Her public works also include a commission for the Binghamton Visitors Center in upstate New York. In 2002, Banks created two large steel sculptures for the Hunts Point Recreation Center: Louisa, a horse located outside the basketball court, and Rusty, a dog located in the lobby near the front desk. Both sculptures were forged from continuous steel rods and each resembles a three-dimensional line drawing. The artist explained that by installing these “functionless” sculptures at a recreation center, she hoped to inspire children’s interest in creating and admiring works of art.
Estimate: $ 600.00 - $ 800.00
Sold at $1600

Blue-painted cast resin, 15 1/4 x 12 in.

Note: Purchased from the artist circa 1997.
Estimate: $ 200.00 - $ 300.00
Sold at $125

Lot #250: CLINT GRIFFIN (b. 1970): "SUPER COUCH"
Mixed media collage with photo, 20 x 26 in., titled and dated 1998 and with American Primitive Gallery label on verso.

Griffin paints and collages using salvaged photos and recycled media constructing elaborate set ups. He is represented by major outsider art galleries including American Primitive in New York City and the Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta.
Estimate: $ 250.00 - $ 350.00
Sold at $300

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