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20th Century Glass

20th Century glass reflects the fast changing design trends of the era. Shifting away from the richly embellished Victorian style, the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Bauhaus movements focused on streamlined concepts with simple and sleek lines. If a classic form was used, it was re-interpreted following the ‘new’ modern aesthetic. The Art Nouveau style of glass making became popular when it was introduced at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900. The movement was inspired by organic forms found in nature and normally consisting of curvy lines, stylized flowers and leaves, and often an oily, iridescent finish. Art Nouveau glass put a spotlight on the shape and color of the piece rather than ornate decoration.

With rising awareness in the decorative arts world, glassware was being discussed in art journals, collected in museums and being showcased at international fairs. Glass had become abstract, symbolic and a new outlet for artistic exploration.

Join us on February 25 for our Thursday Morning at Stair sale where we will be offering an interesting selection of 20th century glass.

Time & Location

Thursday Morning at Stair
February 25 at 11am ONLINE

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