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Property from the Collection of the Late Carol Selle
in The English Interior on February 10 at 11am ONLINE

With a connoisseur’s eye and an educated mind, collector and curator Carol Selle (1932-2019) honed her skills as a collector at a young age. Mrs. Selle was educated at Smith College and the University of Chicago where she received a master’s degree in fine art. It was at Smith that Selle first became interested in collecting art, inspired by one of her teachers, the artist Leonard Baskin. Mrs. Selle amassed a significant collection of master drawings that she bequeathed to Smith College. She took joy in acquiring great works of art and wanted them preserved for others to enjoy and learn from.

Mrs. Selle’s collecting was not limited to fine art. Her home was decorated with beautiful English furniture, favoring later 17th and 18thcentury works made from walnut, in a departure from the mostly modern art that adorned her walls. Throughout the collection, her focus was always on style, form and color. Mrs. Selle frequented great dealers who shared her keen eye and taste for quality and good condition.

We are pleased to offer a single-owner sequence of furniture and decorations from the Collection of Carol Selle in The English Interior sale on Wednesday, February 10 at 11am. Online.

Time & Location

Wednesday, February 10 at 11am ONLINE

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