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Hudson is a small town with big talent. STAIR called upon some of our favorite local businesses to help make our upcoming sale The Art of Entertaining, shine as it shines best – plated with delicious, local eats.

Thank you to Feast & FloretMel the Bakery, Shadow 66 and Verdigris Tea and Chocolate!

Kim Bach of Verdigris Tea and Chocolate, picks her favorite lots from our upcoming auction to show us how she would best dress her table at home.

Lot 1 – Dodie Thayer Porcelain Cabbage Tureen I read in The New York Times that cabbages are ‘in.’ I remember when they were considered a reliable ‘peasant’ food. Now, all the 4-star chefs are serving razor-thin pan-blackened slices, silhouetted and embellished with a balsamic reduction. Who knew? The last time I bought a cabbage, it cost me $4.00. I suspect this lot may bring a bit more.

Lot 10 – 24 Bohemian Colored Etched Glass Tumblers The clarity and carvings here are exquisite. The amber color comes from mixing iron, sulfur and carbon with the glass and the blue from adding cobalt. I feel like these tumblers have a delicacy that would complement my table.

Lot 122 – Chinese Export Porcelain Frog Form Jardinière – I picture this on my mantle, no plant for embellishment. I love the colors and the texture. It’s a miracle that it has stayed intact for so long – it’s fun and beautiful and symbolizes healing and good fortune in business.

Lot 140 – Assembled English Creamware Faux Bamboo Tea SetAs the Owner and Founder of Verdigris Tea, how can I not include a tea set amongst my favorite lots? This one evokes all the ceremony of an afternoon tea along with the inclusion of bamboo decoration and I enjoy that it’s not as formal as porcelain sets.

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