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Sporting Art at Denbigh Farm 

Denbigh Farm has been revered as an established bucolic estate since its 18th-century owner, William T. Carrington, acquired the c.1775 farmhouse and set about turning it into a country home. The current grounds, covering 17 acres of pristine Connecticut countryside, are enhanced by equestrian facilities, a cottage, apple orchards, English sculpture gardens, and fancy chicken coops. Throughout its history, and antecedents of ownership, Denbigh Farm has maintained an elegant balance between classic English and American ideals, sensibilities that are fashioned together brilliantly through Susie Hilfiger’s selection of Sporting Art.  

Traditionally representing country pursuits and the leisure activities of the landed aristocracy, Sporting Art is a collecting category that continues to evolve and attract new interest. In 18th and 19th century Britain, Sporting Art documented the popular rural sports of the time, including fox hunting, game shooting, and horseracing. Works were often commissioned by those who took part in the sport, or whose horse or country house was involved. The genre continues as a popular collecting category for those living in the countryside, and for collectors with a focus on British works of art. 

Paintings depicting handsome steeds by British painters such as Nina Colmore, Albert Edward D. G. Stirling-Brown, and various English artists adorn the walls at Denbigh Farm, alongside sporting dog portraits, namely by the noted artist George Earl. Sporting Art paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and charming rows of leather riding boots symphonize the personal and bespoke interiors that define The Collection of Susie Hilfiger at Denbigh Farm. 

Time & Location

The Collection of Susie Hilfiger at Denbigh Farm on April 19 & 20 at 11am

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