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The Collection of Martha and Artemis Joukowsky

Amassed over a lifetime of travel and life in academia, the collection formed by Martha and Artemis Joukowsky represents a scholarly approach to collecting that reflects their personal interests and family histories. Martha Joukowsky’s archaelogical fieldwork and distinguished professorship at Brown University can be seen throughout the collection of antiquities and ethnographic objects. Complemented by Artemis Joukowsky’s interest in his Russian heritage and the couple’s collection of fine art, along with silver and other decorative objects, the collection serves as a celebration of the Joukowksy’s life together and their dedication to intellectual and academic pursuits.

Highlights from the collection include a fine group of Russian icons and silver objects, paintings by John Henry Twachtman, Edward Potthast and the American painter Norton Bush who painted in Peru. A marble bust of a Heroic Youth, an Egyptian Ushabti figure, Luristan bronzes and Cypro-Geometric painted pottery jugs represent Mrs. Joukowsky’s long tenure as an archaeologist and scholar in the Middle East and North Africa.

Time & Location

The Fine Sale on May 18 at 11am

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