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Property from The NYC Apartment Formerly Owned by Greta Garbo in Thursday Morning at STAIR on May 9 at 10am

Greta Garbo, the enigmatic Swedish actress, rose to prominence during Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1920s and 1930s. Known for her captivating presence and intense performances, she became an international sensation, earning acclaim for her roles in classics such as “Anna Karenina” and “Camille.” Garbo’s mystique and talent cemented her as one of the most iconic figures in cinematic history, inspiring generations of actors and filmmakers alike. Despite retiring from acting at a relatively young age, her legacy endures, with her films continuing to captivate audiences worldwide.  Greta Garbo’s Manhattan apartment, currently under new ownership, was the actress’s legendary sanctuary nestled in the heart of New York City and situated in the exclusive Campanile building on East 52nd Street. The apartment, encompassing the entire fifth floor, served as Garbo’s main residence from 1954 until her passing in 1990 and exudes elegance and sophistication. With stunning views of the East River and meticulously curated interiors, the apartment and its décor reflected Garbo’s refined taste and sense of privacy. It served as a retreat for the reclusive star, a place where she could find solace away from the spotlight of her illustrious career.

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