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“My first job in the decorating world was with John Rosselli, at his wonderful shop on East 73rdStreet,  and he really taught me how to see. His eye is so mercurial and mad –trained over a wide range of objects, from the patrician elegance of a Louis XV fauteuil to the rustic charm of splatterware. Quite simply, he sees the style and beauty in everything, and that goes for people as well. John Rosselli is not only a great mentor and style god, he is the dearest of friends.”

-Miles Redd

Lot 25: Pair of Modern Carved and Painted Wood Palm Tree Pilasters John Roselli Design


Lot 24:  20th Century School: Camel
Lot 167: Contemporary Patinated Zinc Model of a Gazelle
Lot 144: European School: The Coliseum: Six Views
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