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Property from the Estate of Milton A. ‘Mickey’ Rudin

Milton A. ‘Mickey’ Rudin was lawyer and confidant to stars and studios in the Golden Age of Hollywood. He represented Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, Lucille Ball and many others over his 50 year career. Rudin pioneered the concept of entertainment law before others knew there was such a profession, and he was a first-rate attorney. Born in New York City in 1920, he graduated from UCLA and was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard Law before joining the California bar in 1947. Rudin never sought fame, never gave an interview and was fiercely loyal to his clients keeping ultimate discretion in public and private affairs. Rudin was present at the scene of Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death after rushing to her home out of concern with her therapist and was later present at her funeral.

Frank Sinatra was his closest client with whom he had a 33-year professional relationship and a lifelong friendship, Rudin was sometimes referred to as Sinatra’s ‘consigliere’. Sinatra served as best man at his 1978 wedding and continued to send engraved gifts for the holidays every year. Rudin defended Sinatra in the media, putting to rest allegations regarding gambling interests and ties to the underworld. He repeatedly defended his reputation from libel in the press. Ultimately devoted to Sinatra’s image, Rudin once flew his wife and two friends to South Africa prior to Sinatra’s performance to personally ensure he would be performing to an unsegregated crowd.

His commitment to his clients and the legal profession was absolute across the spectrum. He was one of the first lawyers to counsel musicians and actors of ownership and rights to properties including retaining the masters of recordings and syndication of their shows. He was known as the architect of Lucille Ball’s lucrative CBS contract allowing her more independence and control than many women in Hollywood at the time. Even after all his success he believed strongly in the basic right of fair representation, donating his time and skills to those who could not afford legal counsel.

Featured in the April 14th silver sale are mementos from Mickey Rudin’s life and career including pieces engraved from Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli.

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The Silver Sale
April 14 at 11am ONLINE

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