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Stephen White: 50 Years of Illumination
in Art & Design on Thursday, March 4 at 11am ONLINE

For artist Stephen White, the designing and building of his handcrafted light sculptures, which he calls ‘Luminessence’, the essence of light, began over fifty years ago. With a degree in architecture from Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, Stephen was headed in the direction of a professional career as an artist but a four-year tour in the Air Force put a temporary hold on his journey.  

While stationed in a remote area of Alaska near the Arctic circle, Stephen found inspiration during walks along the rigid seacoast and the intriguing, yet barren terrain of Northern Alaska. It was there that he envisioned his first collection called Lanterns. 

After being discharged from the Air Force, Stephen pursued an architectural internship in Hawaii. Once again enveloped by nature, he knew that his calling was not in architecture but rather in sculpture. 

Pulling inspiration from the natural beauty seen on his travels, Stephen’s career blossomed after creating light fixtures for his own home. They were made out of paper and wood with the emphasis on originality and handcrafted forms.  

After decades of refining his technique, White’s foundational design concepts can still be seen in his contemporary work. 

Time & Location

Art & Design
March 4 at 11am ONLINE

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