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Works on Paper from the Collection of Gayfryd Steinberg

Classicism, mythology and Old Master art were central to the art collection that graced the walls of the Steinberg residences, and were also the thematic focus of Mrs. Steinberg’s collection of works on paper that range from late-seventeenth century academic studies to 19th century landscape views. With an emphasis on Italian artists, highlights from her East Side townhouse include biblical subjects by Palma il Giovane and Giovanni Guerra, and classical subjects by Fidele Fischetti, Bernanrdino India and Francesco Zucchi. Mrs. Steinberg’s elegant and refined taste can be seen in the group of architectural studies and drawings by 17th century artist Alessio Gimignani, and works by Ferdinando Galli Bibiena and Giovanni Paglia. Highlights in the landscape genre include works by French artists Claude-Louis Chatelet and Lucien-Pierre Sergent. Most of the collection was purchased at auction in London or through the best dealers in London and New York, including David Tunick and Hill-Stone. Many unattributed works are also part of the collection, including French and Italian views of Rome, architectural capriccios and designs for architectural elements, offering the curious collector several interesting research projects. Uniting all of the works on paper from the Collection of Gayfryd Steinberg is the quality of each work, its relationship to the collecting threads in the collection as a whole, and the singular provenance each work carries.

Time & Location

Property from the Collection of Gayfryd Steinberg
Wednesday, October 20 at 11am

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