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Always Invited: Audrey Zauderer

Throughout her life, Audrey Zauderer endeared herself to society friends in New York and Southampton through her love of entertaining. Her elegance and fondness for decorating are reflected in her extensive porcelain collection, while her warmth and hospitality can be seen in her practice of retaining her guests’ place cards in order to remember and readily re-invite them.

Mrs. Zauderer traveled extensively and appointed her home with treasures from around the world. The decoration within her homes ranged from 18th Century French furniture to Modern art, and the wide-open rooms in both residences were the perfect spaces for entertaining. Due to the variety of porcelain services in her collection, Mrs. Zauderer’s tablescapes were an apt display for each event, no matter the occasion. Just as her home décor was a mirror of her well-traveled life, her porcelain collection set the tone of her dining room. Her Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Dinner Service in the ‘Red Aves’ Pattern is a lovely bold red, while the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain ‘Flora Danica’ Porcelain Service features delicate botanical decoration, and the Herend Porcelain Dinner Service in the ‘Queen Victoria’ Pattern is decorated with brighter colors and a whimsical pattern. All three of these services can be found in our Porcelain Sale on Thursday, April 15 at 11 am.

Time & Location

The Porcelain Sale
April 15 at 11am ONLINE

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