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Works from the Collection of Dick Polich and the Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry

Since opening his first fine art foundry in the late 1960s, Dick Pollich has worked with the most significant artists of the late 20thand early 21st centuries. His foundries, named Tallix (1970-2006), Polich Art Works (1995-2006) and Tallix (2006-present), produced renowned works for Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Koons, Lousie Nevelson, Kiki Smith, Donald Baechler and Frank Stella, to name only a few,  as well as thousands of works for lesser known artists. As the fabricator of works of art, Polich remained mostly behind the scenes. Recent postmodernist artistic practices have discredited the myth of the artist as a solitary creator, bringing new attention to how metal sculpture is crafted and by whom. The Collection of Dick Polich and the Polich Tallix Foundry illuminates the collaboration between artist and artisan, and the creative exchanges between the two that lead to the creation of interesting and meaningful art. Highlights in the sale include works by Nancy Graves, Don Nice, Tom Otterness, Toni Putnam, Harry Jackson, Hazel Brill Jackson and Carl Paul Jennewein. Also included are unattributed works from the foundry as well as work by Dick Polich and his assistants.



February 14

opens on Friday, February 18

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