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Chinese Export Porcelain from the Tibor Collection

The Tibor Collection of Chinese Export porcelain represents the long and interesting history of the fabrication and import of porcelain during the China Trade period and speaks to the economic and geographical connections that existed at the time. The name of the collection comes from the Spanish term tibores which refers to the extra-large and richly decorated vases that were greatly admired by the Spanish aristocracy who were prevalent in the Americas from the 16th through the 19th centuries when export porcelain was highly coveted and traded. This period was known as the ‘New Spain Period’ where taste tended towards bold and colorful forms, both decorative and utilitarian. These design trends and the exotic interpretation of Western culture during this period are the focus of The Tibor Collection. Highlights include blanc-de-chine figures, famille rose wares, and colorful models of birds and hounds.

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